Why soup? Well why not soup!

Starting today, this blog will feature a Soup Column, offering belly-warming recipes to fill your house with good smells. I look forward to sharing some of my favourites with you, as well as passing on a few that are new to me, vouched for by friends and family.

The first and biggest reason to have a column dedicated to soup is pretty simple: I really like soup. It is by far my favourite comfort food, and something I always feel good about feeding to my kids, especially when it’s home-cooked. Having a venue for sharing something I enjoy that much is simply too hard for me to resist.

Of course, I am a literature graduate, and the symbolic value of having a soup column on a blog about life did not escape me either. At the very least, it’s a handy coincidence.

So for reasons both simple and lofty, I hereby launch The Soup Column. Stay tuned to have your taste buds turned on.

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